Mind MGMT – Comic Book Wednesday

21 Aug


Happy #comicbookwednesday Caustic Soda fans! Dan is hard at work on page 10, laying out pages 11 and 12. Looks like we’ll have our 12-page digital preview done by October. Kickstarter backers will get a super sneak preview! We’ll post some panel shots here as well.


Today, we’re looking at Matt Kindt’s unconventional, arresting and visually incomparable, Mind MGMT. Mind MGMT is graphic narrative at its best and details the exploits of a shadow organization.


The story tracks Meru, a writer, who is investigating a mysterious airline incident where everyone aboard suffers from amnesia and one person missing from the flight manifest is the answer to the phenomena.


I recently picked up the collected trade edition in hard cover and it is a sight to behold. Beautifully bound. Glossy pages. Drool…


Mind MGMT is one of the few comics I wish I had started collecting from the beginning. Some books I simply love consuming in a drought. But binge reading has some draw backs as well. Anticipation loss. Not enough time to get sticky and fall in love with the story telling and characters. To connect with the creator.

Coming late to the party, I realize what an incredible world Kindt has rendered and much of the tertiary narratives are only available in the monthly series. I’m going to jump in now and grab what I can from Villainous Lair. Maybe even locate a Gil Hernandez variant cover of issue 1, though, that might be a little spendy. 

Of course, the book has been optioned and Ridley Scott is a producer.

Who would you have play Meru? I think Aubrey Plaza would make an amazing casting choice. 

I ❤ Darkhorse Comics!

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