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La Ciudad Kickstarter and Caustic Soda Production Update

25 Oct

I recently learned that one of my mentors, David Riker, who made a big impression on me when I attended the NYFA program, has recently launched a Kickstarter to support a remastering of his brilliant film, La Ciudad.

Riker taught me about guerilla filmmaking, DIY art and how to work collaboratively.

He worked with Alex Rivera on the sci-fi film, Sleep Dealer, a film about jacked-in migrant humans robo-laboring north of a massive border wall in a dystopic future. Influential in context to the world of Caustic Soda, to be sure.

Riker also co-wrote the Jeremy Scahill film, Dirty Wars, a documentary (on Netflix) that examines the role of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

I remember when I saw La Ciudad and thinking about the possibilities of narrative storytelling and how it functions as a conduit to new possibilities.

About La Ciudad: “La Ciudad tells four stories about the lives of newly uprooted Latin American immigrants in New York City: a group of day laborers hired to clean bricks find themselves abandoned when tragedy strikes; a young man newly arrived from Mexico falls in love with a girl from his home village, only to lose her in the new and alien urban wilderness; a puppeteer, living with his daughter in a station wagon, dreams that she’ll one day learn to read; and a seamstress, desperate to send money home to her sick daughter, is forced to finally confront the injustice in the sweatshop where she labors.”



Dan is deep into illustrating issue 2 but the going is slow. I’ve hired two associates to stand over his shoulder and menace him while he works but, obviously, that isn’t conducive to the creative process. Suffice to say he’s working his butt off.

Our plan is to have Issue 2 complete sometime in December, hopefully in time for your virtual stocking.

Issue 3 will be ready by March (digital issues to follow) and we’re on track to have the complete book done and ready to ship by June 2015.

Artist Daniel Obzejta has provided the cover art for Issue 3 and it is ridiculously amazing. Check it out below.

Thanks for your continued support and patience. My gratitude to all of you is unwavering.

Caustic Soda cover test 2 small