Caustic Soda – A Year Future Narco Romance

Mind hacking, punk rock and body disposal.

In San Diego, in the near future, the United States hires the paramilitary security corporation, Agility to secure and protect the US/Mexico border against the rising Narco insurgency in a never-ending drug war. Burned-out Agility agent Anton “Tony” Nevona is tasked with silencing a whistleblower that threatens to release a trove of documents detailing the company’s illegal surveillance and synthetic telepathy spying program.

Desperate to contain the leak, Tony hires the Arnelle Liquidation Associates–a group of sicarios (assassins) whose base of operations is a punk rock club called The InterZone, where they dispose of their victims using caustic soda–for assistance.

The dangerous work performed by the kill-for-hire team affects both sides of the conflict, blurring the lines of loyalty, friendship and love.

Daniel Crosier illustrates the comic by hand, using ink and graphite on birch wood panels.

The first 3 collected issues will be available in SUMMER 2015.


In July of 2013, Shane Roeschlein successfully funded Caustic Soda (140%). Funds raised would be earmarked for the production of a collected book encompassing issues 1-3 for the story arc, Hello, the War is Here. In early summer 2014, Issue 1 was printed as a magazine sized book, a nod to Shane’s youth spent reading issues of Heavy Metal with skate punk themed cover art by artist Joe Triscari. The book debuted at both Denver Comic Con in June of 2014 and San Diego Comic Con (Small Press) in July 2014.

Currently, issues 2 and 3 are in production, slated for a spring 2015 release.


Caustic Soda

Written by

Shane Roeschlein


Art by

Daniel Crosier


Letters by

Patrick Brosseau


Editor: Gary Lain

Cover layout: Muana Fanai and Daniel Crosier

Publisher: Full Step Forward Press

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