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Amazing Signing at SoCal Comics

13 Nov


Had a kick-ass time at SoCal Comis this last weekend with my friend Chad Cavanaugh (Rad God, The Map, Grunt 1b Comics). Met a ton of other creators, including Orlando Harding, creator of R.R.H.  a horror-themed comic that takes the Red Riding Hood story and flips it on its head in a fun Buffy-esque way. He was great to talk to and inspiring. Jamie from SoCal Comics was the perfect host. Supplied pizza and I got a sweet bundle of vintage Moonshadow comics by J. M. DeMatteis (amazing and wild art).

Hoping to have some awesome news regarding a new project I’ve got in the works.

Me mugging it up at the booth!

Thanks to all the new Caustic Soda fans for hanging out!