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Lone Wolf and Cub “Graphic Wednesday”

12 Jun

This Graphic Wednesday is brought to you by Father’s Day! (My second favorite day of the year next to Halloween)

ImageToday we’re looking at creator Kazuo Koike and artist, Goseki Kojima’s epic manga, Lone Wolf and Cub. Volume 1 of the (Darkhorse) Omnibus encompasses nearly 700 pages of the story of a kill-for-hire Ronin, Ogami Ittō, a former disgraced shogunate executioner and his three-year-old son Daigorō on a path of meifumadō “road to hell,” a cursed journey of vengeance to clear his name and destroy the Yagyu clan. The exquisitely detailed panels and writing vibrate with energy as the assassin and his progeny journey through feudal Japan.

The manga was adapted into six films starring Tomisaburo Wakayama.

Check out the Baby Cart to Hades kill count from the third film installment. Dig that funky 70’s grindhouse soundtrack!

Wakayama also had a memorable part as Sugai, the antagonist/anti-hero in Ridley Scott’s 1989 film, Black Rain. The actor’s monologue from the film is worth an entire viewing, at the least to hear him reproach Michael “Cunning” Douglas’s character. “I was 10 when the B-29 came. My family lived underground for three days. We when came up the city was gone. Then the heat brought rain. Black rain. You made the rain black, and shoved your values down our throats. We forgot who we were. You created Sato and thousands like him. I’m paying you back.”

You can watch Lone Wolf and Cub on Netflix and Zatoichi “the blind swordsman” also with Wakayama on Hulu. Most importantly, you can pick up the Omnibus manga from your local comic book shop (Villainous Lair if you happen to reside in Normal Heights/Kensington/University Heights in San Diego). If they don’t have it, they’ll order it.

Happy Comic Wednesday!